Who is behind Dr Mood ?

Hiding behind the white beard and spectacles of Dr Mood are two highly renowned Social Psychology researchers – Doctors Christophe Haag and Moïra Mikolajczak. These two specialists in emotions have created high quality content based on solid scientific research results for our users.

Who is behind Dr Mood Parental Burnout ?

Behind Dr Mood Parental Burnout are two burnout and parenting specialists, both researchers at the Université Catholique de Louvain in belgium : Moïra Mikolajczak and Isabelle Roskam.

Who is behind Dr Mood for Couples ?

Behind Dr Mood for Couples are two relationship advice experts – Brigitte Lahaie and Bruno Martin. Brigitte, former pornographic actress of the 70’s and 80’s, has been presenting radio programmes on sexuality and romantic relationships for almost 20 years. Bruno is a clinical sexologist, psychoanalyst and author of various works on the subject.

Why get to know and regulate your emotions?

An emotion (e.g. joy, anger, sadness, guilt, pride, etc.) is above all information about yourself and about what is happening of importance to you in a given moment. Be aware that an emotion:

  • is triggered very quickly in you.
  • doesn’t happen by chance.
  • must be taken into account in the very moment in which it arises.
  • is useful to you if it is appropriate to the situation. If not, it is unhelpful.
  • influences your thoughts.
  • influences your behaviour by provoking you to react in a certain way.
  • is accompanied by physiological changes in your body that can be
    disturbing when they are intense.

Although usually lasting only several seconds or minutes, emotions can have strong and lasting effects on you. They therefore have a far greater influence than you’d imagine on your daily decision-making, your relationships with others, your performance and even your psychological and physical health. It is therefore very important that you know how to identify and regulate them when necessary. Dr Mood’s job is to help you do this!