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Dr Mood

Every time a new emotion arises within you and is destabilising or makes you question yourself, you can always consult Dr Mood, a French emotion-management specialist. This new type of e-therapist allows you to diagnose, understand and efficiently regulate your emotions in everyday life.

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Dr Mood Parental Burnout

Are you a parent and feel exhausted by your parental responsibilities? Dr Mood Parental Burnout helps you to review your situation and determine how close you are to a parental burnout, what makes you more vulnerable and what protects you, and, in case of a burnout, how you cope.

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Dr Mood for Couples

Life as a couple isn’t always easy. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, as they say, which often causes numerous misunderstandings, misconceptions, frustration and even suffering in a relationship. Emotions therefore fly from all sides.
Dr Mood is the first e-therapist to analyse your intimate feelings at the heart of your relationship. It helps you to manage them better in order to make a success of your love life.

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The team

Dr Mood Dr. Moïra Mikolajczak

Dr. Moïra Mikolajczak

Dr Mood Dr. Christophe Haag

Dr. Christophe Haag

Dr Mood Léopold Denis

Léopold Denis

Dr Mood Benjamin Brion

Benjamin Brion

Dr Mood Sami Maaref

Sami Maaref

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