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Learn How to Manage your Emotions with Dr Mood

Dr Mood is a new type of e-therapist that is able to precisely diagnose the emotions (e.g. anger, fear, shame, pride, sadness, joy, etc.) that you feel in a given moment and will help you to efficiently regulate them if necessary.
What for? Emotions play an essential role in life. They directly influence your decision-making, your relationships with others, your performance in the workplace and even your psychological and physical health. This is why it is important to get to know them better and know how to regulate them when necessary.

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Learn How to Manage your Emotions with Dr Mood
Dr Mood Testing Phase
Dr Mood Results Phase
Dr Mood Advice Phase
Dr Mood Statistics and History

Testing Phase

In order to establish its diagnosis, Dr Mood will ask you a series of fun and surprising questions. This will last about 1 hour 30 minutes. It will sometimes require you to answer short psychological questions and sometimes to react to visual stimuli. It will also scan your body from head to toe in order to detect even the smallest symptoms of any particular emotional state.

Results Phase

After the testing phase, Dr Mood will provide you with a diagnosis based on a panel of twenty emotions (e.g. fear, anxiety, anger, shame, jealousy, sadness, social rejection, etc.) amongst those most commonly felt and expressed in everyday life, both at home and in the workplace. The aim is to help you give a “name” to the emotional state that you’re feeling and understand why this emotion arises within you.

Advice Phase

Once the diagnosis has been established, Dr Mood will provide you with very pragmatic advice, which will allow you to quickly and efficiently regulate your emotional state (either detach yourself from it or prolong it, according to situation). “Properly regulating your emotions” will allow you to better adapt yourself to the situation you are in. This advice is simple – easy to apply at home, in the street or in the workplace.

Statistics and History

In order to help you to detect your emotional tendencies in the long term and make good decisions in your daily life, Dr Mood will give you access to the history of your emotions, as well as the simple statistics. You will also be able to comment on your emotion of the moment in order to keep a trace of it in your logbook.

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